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Friday, December 10, 2004

Good Luck to Sean

The Red Sox management group - which includes the wholly-owned NESN unit, distracted by free agent signings and the all-impotrant launch of the "Official Red Sox Nation" membership card program (only $10! - what a deal!) has not renewed the contract of best-in-class baseball announcer Sean McDonough, a Boston fixture for years.
This is a regrettable move by the Sox/NESN and belies their publicly stated goal of bringing back and keeping members of the Red Sox family associated with the organization. Further, they waited until December 3 to notify Sean, making it difficult for him to line up a position for next season. Lastly, according to a report in the MetroWest Daily, Sean says the NESN GM won't even return his telephone calls. No class, NESN.

He must be busy lining up new NESN-related benefits for all the new and exclusive (only $10, did we mention?) "Official Red Sox Nation," members.
As I wrote yesterday, I am beginning to like old Red Sox management's attitude towards the fans and other groups from some of the recent moves from this new group.
They did Win It though, didn't they?
Spending that fan capital I suppose.