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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Bonfire of the (Lucchino) Vanities

OK folks - here it is: the only way to strike back at the arrogance of the Red Sox and MLB management for ultimately deciding that "Official Red Sox Nation" Membership cards were not only a good idea, but should cost double ($10 vs. $5) the initial trial ballon price. See: http://boston.redsox.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/bos/fan_forum/redsox_nation.jsp

My suggestion: create another, competing group and card - a "Fenway Faithful" Official Membership Club as a registered non-profit organization. When you plunk down your $5 to be a member of the Official Fenway Faithful, the group will send $4 of the $5 to the Jimmy Fund in your name, they will send you an email newsletter like the Red Sox offer, negotiate discounts on Sox merchandise at as many not-vastly-overpriced merchants as possible, and whatever else can be done for $1. What a new group can't do is promise, as the Red Sox do, that "Official Red Sox Nation" Members will get "2005 Ticketing Preference for the coolest seats at Fenway." [What do you think that is really worth RSN citizens?] Of course, if you become an Official Member of The Fenway Faithful they also won't give you what the Red Sox offer: "2005 MLB.com Gameday Audio," you'll just have to be satisfied listening to Joe and Jerry for free on 'EEI.

Fan exploitation like this can make you stop for a moment and wonder if winning the Series was such a good thing after all - if the management of the sport only uses such a wonderful event to further squeeze and bleed its already loyal customer base for more bucks.
Hey Bud Selig,
John Henry and Larry Lucchino: why don't you spend your time fixing the steroid issue instead of finding ways to screw your best customers?