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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Big Splash = Big Cash = Big Target

OK, so you are the new (woeful) Met's GM in a town dominated by the Yankees, looking to generate some excitement and interest in a franchise that has come close to becoming irrelevant in the country's No. 1 media market - and also support the launch of your new cable network.
What do you do?
Simple: humble yourself before a legendary - but past-his-prime - Prima Donna Free Agent (future HOF) Pitcher and submit to his outrageous demands by horrendously overpaying him and agreeing to all his petty and self-centered whims.

Enjoy N.Y. and the $54M Pedro - your gonna earn it.

For $54M, the Mets can have you, your torn "could-collapse-at-any-moment" shoulder.
You were great, you really were. Well, not last year; you were just good.
As we have said on these pages several times previously: a good No. 2 starter. Not worth $54M - but we were wrong about that.
My money says the Mets are out of it by The Break, and Petulant Petey will get a dose of almost everything from a frustrated and disappointed Mets Nation. The problem, of course with taking the money is that you are the easy-to-find lightning rod for every criticism that is sure to come, in a very tough, high profile media market.
Pedro never liked criticism much. Is the $54M is enough to make him a little more open-minded or thick skinned?
Nah! The $75M+ he got from the Red Sox wasn't.