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Saturday, November 20, 2004

You talkin' to me?

Yeah, me, the RSN fan?
Then I say: Get rid of 'em all -- Martinez, Cabrera, Varitek, Lowe, Mirabelli, et al. Who needs those money-grubbing SOBs anyway? They want too much, and we can win without 'em, we can win with Johnny, Manny, Trot, Mark, David, Bill, Pokey, and any old catcher and any old shortstop and Carl and Al and maybe even Barry (as in Zito). Cut 'em all loose. We don't need 'em.
And we can do it cheaper than last year, too. Hey, we got Mastermind Theo -- he'll find a way. It's our destiny, our time.
And while the Sox are at it, add some more seats with the money they save.
I want my players to play and shut up. I want to go back to the 1950s when we did not know about all the bad stuff the players did and they did not want to talk to us. It's "Just win, baby" for me, and that does not include any whining or bitching or backtalk. I don't let my kids do it, and neither should the Sox. I want character guys, like Schilling, a good Red State guy. Maybe a few more like him would be good. It's okay when he talks, though, 'cause he says things I want to hear.
#1 RSN Fan, that's me.