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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Roger: What a Ride!

It seems I am apologizing a lot lately for being consistently wrong, so here goes another: Sorry to Roger Clemens, I wish things between you and the Sox had worked out differently.

Like many Sox fans, the idea of you in Pinstripes, competing against the Red Sox in post-season, just rubbed me the wrong way.............and i could not get over it. Also, it was apparent that, to be nice, you could be a real prick sometimes.
I guess I never understood you until recently. I have to admit two obvious facts: you are one of the greatest pitchers of all time (maybe not THE Best as some are saying - I don't believe in comparing eras, but you are up there certainly in the Top 10), and you are the fiercest of competitors; a modern-day Ty Cobb perhaps. Somebody who may lack real personal graces and qualities, but who is just an all-out competitor and warrior - and sometimes prick du jour.

It was those personality characteristics or traits that made you the Man hard to like, and we tend to ingore or diminish the achievements of people we don't like. Your achievements are so substantial they cannot be hidden by personal blinders.
Roger - Sorry you had to leave; your fault or Duquette's fault, it doesn't matter now.
Congrats on a Seventh Cy Young and a truly great, great career.
I am still not sure I would like to be a personal friend of yours, but you are a player for the Ages.