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Monday, November 01, 2004

New England: Put down your Bibles

and your Official Politically Correct Handbooks.
The fact that Kevin Millar said the players and the manager drank shots before a game -- IF that is true and not just Millar's tendency toward hyperbole -- does not bother me a bit. That he announced it to the world on The Best Damn Sports Show violates a key team principle - not to talk in public about locker-room events, and that does bother me. Players have virtually no privacy anyway -- the locker room should be a refuge not a place to intrude on them.
That the moralists are already out in force berating the Sox, Millar, etc., and thumping their OPC Handbooks and wringing their hands (some, of course, in glee over the chance to bring down happy Red Sox Nation) is nauseating.
Find me one person -- one -- and that includes yours truly -- who has nothing in his or her background that he or she would not be mortified to see or hear in public and I'll let the criticism go on.
The outrage that is already flying around talk radio about nine-year-olds hearing Millar say this and what a horrible example this is -- what are they doing watching something called The Best Damn Sports Show late at night anyway? -- is so utterly bogus and disingenuous that it surpasses all reason. They give all nine-year-olds a bad name -- I think most kids have more common sense than to follow the Red Sox example. (That said, we now have 27 Boston area reporters on the lookout for copycat high schoolers . . .)
First, find out if what Millar said is literally true.
Second, if it is true, let the Red Sox deal with (or deal) Millar.
Third, worry about who's running the country, not what's happening in the Sox locker room.
Fourth, get a life.
Fifth, live it.
PS: Oh, yeah -- I guess this event will resurrect Dan Shaughnessy's status -- he will get another decade's worth of cynicism and sarcasm from this one.