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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Nation's Mind on Various Topics

We run various polls on this site to take a guage of RSNs current thinking - or other baseball topics as the time dictates. This fall our site visitors have spoken:
- for New England minor league team favorite, the Pawtucket Red Sox easily won our poll, which included all affiliated and non- teams in the area. No surprises there: a great venue and excellent baseball, with nice people running at McCoy to boot. You gotta go.
- Red Sox MVP: Ortiz, baby, beating out Manny and 'Tek. A tough call but how can you argue?
- Reaction to winning a World Series Championship? It is wonderful says RSN, but now we are ready to win it again. Does that surprise you? It shouldn't - it feels so good we gotta do this again.

When the Nation speaks, well, there is baseball wisdom in those fingers and wrists friends.