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Sunday, November 07, 2004

MLB: You Have No Clue, and, Stick Your $5 You Know Where.

By now you have probably seen or heard about MLB's plans: they will be "offering" an "official," wallet-size membership card to ''Red Sox Nation," for only $5.

Five bucks to join RSN, think about that for a minute. This is a new low for those greedy and arrogant morons at MLB, a sports marketing organization with the savvy of a squashed slug. What do these meatheads think - that because the Red Sox finally won the WS that we have all turned into brain-dead, slavish souvenir buyers (well, OK some of us have.) What's next: an "official" Red Sox logo Kevin Millar signature shot glass? An Official Dale Sveum Third Base Coach secret decoder ring (gives the proper advance sign when aligned with the ladder on the Monster and the Citgo sign)? An Official Curt Schilling Autographed Bloody Sox - matching left and rights?

Folks, MLB has no clue. Becoming a member of RSN takes more than simply forking over $5. It takes sitting for hours in right field's 1930s-era wooden grandstand seats with your head twisted toward the infield so you can see what is happening. It means frantically tuning up and down the AM radio dial as you drive south/north at night, trying to find the next station on the Sox radio network before the inning is over. It means you are willing to pay exorbitant ticket, concession, parking, and other prices to see your team. It means waiting in line in February for next September's tickets. I could go on but you get the picture; funny, MLB doesn't and they are paid to.