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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Giving Thanks and Recognizing Sacrifice

Thanksgiving - a day set aside for the express purpose of giving thanks for all the gifts and blessings we have received this past year. Here are a few:

- At long last, we, the humble baseball fans of New England, can say we are the unquestioned World Champions of the baseball universe. After much suffering, sacrifice, and patience our harvest has come. Enjoy the bounty! Thanks Theo, John H. and Tom W - and Terry F.

- Ditto for the World Champion New England Patriots, clearly the best coached and best managed franchise in all of the NFL. Thanks to Bob Kraft and Bill B. and Scott P.

- Thanks to all the great minor and independent teams in New England - offering great and affordable baseball any night of the week, all summer long, all across New England.

- Thanks to the men and women in our Armed Forces serving everywhere - especially in harm's way - who missed not only the baseball season but sharing the table on Thanksgiving Day.

- Our thanks and hearts go out to the families of those killed or wounded in our Armed Forces; we will offer a prayer for you today.

- Thanks for living in the greatest sports town in America, and the prospect of a new and wonderful season just a few months away.

A Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to all our readers and their families.