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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Free Agent Derby Gets Interesting, and, Scary

- It may seem like a minor thing to you, but are you as worried about losing Doug Mirabelli as I am? Not only is he perhaps the best backup catcher in the AL, but who is going to catch the knuckler if he bolts?
- Omar Visquel and Christian Guzman are both off the SS market now - and both signed for about $4M annually. For the Red Sox, the choices would appear to be pay somebody (like Cabrera) - with both a bat and a glove - in the neighborhood of $6M-$8M per year, or sign somebody just for the glove (Pokey, for example) in the $2M-$3M range, and use the leftover dough to add pitching or somebody like Troy Glaus.
- Free agent arms? Yeah, lots of them out there. Here's a pitch for Al Leiter: lefty (nice!), went 10-8 last year with a BAD Mets club - 30 starts, 173+ innings (138H, 16HRs, 117Ks) 3.21 ERA and a .218 BAA. Leiter will probably cost in the $8M range - the Mets decided he wasn't worth a $10M option. My pitch: with a solid offensive and defensive team like the Red Sox, the ERA and other stats tell me he could win 15 - replacing the Lowe factor; and he's a southpaw.
- Pavano is coming to dinner, at Curt's: if it works, good luck to Curt and Shonda. I think Curt has taken a real liking to the Boston baseball scene; it is as intense as he is and that's the way he likes it.