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Friday, November 12, 2004

Bring Back The Pokemon!

Yo! Theo! Of course we trust you, but if I had your ear for a moment: Here's a pitch to bring back free agent Pokey Reese for '05. These are my reasons:
1. Short money, really.
2. Versatile: Can play short and second, or perhaps third if needed.
3. Speed. Nice-to-have on the bench, as we found out in the ALCS.
4. Unlike most of your position players, can actually bunt.
5. We learned in '04 how important defense really is - for the pitching staff especially. We can get a bat for the bench almost anywhere.
6. How many times does a team go through a full 162 game season with a completely healthy infield? Very few, if any, I would speculate. Very comforting I think to know The Pokemon is on the bench, ready and waiting.
7. Think Vacuum Cleaner.
8. Seems like a good clubhouse guy.
No, he really can't hit and maybe belongs in the National League because of that, but, see No. 6.