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Friday, October 29, 2004

Zeitgeist Spring Prediction Review: Not Bad Folks

OK, time to 'Fess up and dredge out our '04 Season Predictions from Saturday, April 03, 2004 (see Archives); We predicted the following: Here is what we said then: (bold for Today's assessment)

"AL West: gotta go with Oakland - pitching wins, even without Foulke, in a weak division. (close, no cigar)
AL Central: KC - Tony Perez will find a way to win (a hunch). (That's why hunches are called hunches as opposed to analytical estimates)
AL East: Boston - despite an ineffective and struggling season from Pedro, Schilling and Arroyo step up. (partial credit - didn't win the East, Pedro was good, Schilling and Arroyo did close the Season out strongly)
AL Wild Card: Yankees - Vasquez wins 19 or 20 finally playing for a good team. (obviously overrated the Yanks, again)
NL West: Arizona - Brenly finds a way, Randy still a horse when it counts. (bad prediction and team, Randy is still a horse though)
NL Central: Cubs - Prior comes back, Bartman stays home. (Didn't know at the time: Curse of the Mamma Mia!)
NL East: Phils - even with Bowa, Millwood has a strong year. (wrong about the Phils, right about Bowa)
NL Wild Card: Houston (Nothing but net on this one folks)
NLCS: Cubs vs. Phils; Phils beat Cubs in seven - It was Dusty's fault last year, not Bartman's, and he'll fail again in the clutch. (n/a: No Cubs/Phils - no credit)
ALCS: Boston vs. Oakland: Boston in six - Sox have too much all around for the A's. (or the Angels)
WS: Red Sox vs. Phils: powerful Sox down gritty Phils in great seven game Series; lack of strong Pedro compensated by horse Schilling and stellar performances from Arroyo, Wakefield, Varitek. (partial credit on this one folks, but they did win it all)
Having won it all, Theo makes little effort to re-sign the Big Four in a weakened player salary market, but signs Varitek and Lowe."
Gee, I hope the final prediction still comes true.
Final Grade: I would award a B or B+ (of course, it is self administered!).
Comments invited.