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Friday, October 29, 2004

You won't have the curse to kick around anymore

This today from Dan Shaughnessy:

"Personally, I already miss the old Red Sox a little.
"The Red Sox as we have always known them are gone forever. They never again will be the cuddly team on a near century-long, quixotic quest. They are no longer cursed and they will cease to be America's team as soon as the hangover wears off. The ghosts are purged. Buckner and Friends are off the hook. All of them.
"Now the men who play at Fenway Park are simply the World Champion Boston Red Sox. The best team in baseball.
"I guess we'll have to settle for that."

Wistful, huh? Wonder why?

It is the end of an era (and an industry): The Era of Dan Shaughnessy, Emperor of the Curse. And it could not happen to a more bitter guy.

"Cuddly team?" Has anyone made a better living than Shaughnessy off flaying the team and players and managers, et al.? How cuddly was Roger Clemens when Dan skewered him ceaselessly for being overweight, etc.?

Shaughnessy must be lost without an opponent as easy to attack as a team that never won the World Series in 86 years. Where else will he find such a target?

Ah, I have a suggestion. Cuddly immediately makes me think of the Cubs. They are a prickly bunch that he could really make a living off of. They attack the broadcasters, for heaven's sake, for telling it like it is. And their curse is not going to lifted soon -- Shaughnessy could retire in Chicago before he runs out things to say about the Cubs.

Why should he have to "settle" for bland food like a World Championship team and organization when he can dine on the filet mignon of the Cubs?

Bye, Dan. Don't let the Commissioner's trophy stab you in the ass on the way out.