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Monday, October 18, 2004

Winners Win, Losers...............

Matsui is a winner, a guy who has looked better each time I have seen him this year. He is not spectacular, he just gets it done - very workmanlike - and plays hard.

Are the Red Sox "rebuilding" now (without Lowe, and possibly Pedro and Varitek and Cabrera - all free agents)?
So who are the five starters next year? :et's see: Schilling (surgery permitting), Wakefield, Arroyo, .........,..............
You may like him, but for me, it is time to get rid of Millar - the only possible way to shut him up. Let him have streaks elsewhere and play Doug M. at first and let him develop his bat.

Is Grady Little smiling somewhere right now?
I hate to think of facing these Yankees next year if they sign Carlos Beltran.

Don't you hate the way Fox plants stars for its series in the stands and then subjects us to shameless plugs as the camera watches them try to act as if they are interested in the baseball game? And ditch the in-diamond cam - adds nothing to the broadcast.

Ever wonder what Jerry Remy does over the winter (all soaps all the time)??

More later............