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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Which "C" Word - Curse, or, Choke?

Enjoying the ALCS so far? (see the Post below - Empire Respect, and a Warning for an I told you so)
Bomber fans and sportswriters are - lots of grist for the obsession and taunting mill.
Pedro did pitch well in Game Two - but journeyman Jon Lieber pitched even better. If you are making $17.5M and with Pedro's experience, you should be better - but this is perhaps as well as a typical Number 2 starter can do, which is all Pedro really is.
Now, the Red Sox chances are left in the hands of those judged less than capable of even starting the first two games: Arroyo, Wakefield (who did pitch in relief already BTW), and much maligned Derek Lowe.
[Hey sports fans, even the Minnesota Twins managed one win against the Empire, and at the Stadium to boot. I hate to think these Hose don't have enough stones to eke out a single win.]
Even trailing in a close game such as the second one, the $129M payroll Sox declined to play any real small ball and instead relied on lost swingers such as Kevin Millar to wave at Lieber's breaking balls.
Where's Dave Roberts, Kapler, and Mirabelli for a change of pace? Don't try to tell me they will perform any worse than the lineup in the last two games; how can they?
If this team has any real guts, they will win one or two before finally folding.
And if they don't, as was written the other day on another Web site, this could qualify as The Biggest Choke in History.
Don't like that characterization? Hurts doesn't it. OK then, What would YOU call it?