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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Nomah Tries to Deke MLB GMs

So did you hear the one about newly-freed Agent Nomar G. telling people that he is only looking for a one year contract because "he wants to prove to everybody that he is healthy enough to merit a [big] long-term deal?"
[How many baseball players have you heard recently say they are looking for a one year deal.....um, Yeah.]
Gimme a break Nomar and Arn! You have gotten out in front of this issue so it does't hurt too much as somebody sticks it to you in the wrong place: the Real reason you are "looking" a one-year deal is that:
a.) nobody thinks you have proven you are healthy enough to commit big dollars to a long-term deal
b.) Everybody thinks that you are past your most productive prime and long-term deals for fading stars are way too risky
c.) for much less dough than you are asking, buyers can choose new WS Champion SS Cabrera - who showed he can hit damn well in the clutch along with that golden glove of his - and he doesn't whine.
d.) Your trade has prompted many to look closely at your numbers - and they are unsettled by what they see.

Uh, Duh.............Nomar, Nomar, Nomar.