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Thursday, October 28, 2004

No talk about the future

The phrase "one day at a time" has never had much meaning for me - it was just too ephemeral, too intellectual for me to appreciate.
Not anymore.
The Red Sox' approach to the situation they were in after Game 3 (as it will forever be known in colloquial parlance) has convinced me that you really can succeed by taking one game -- one day -- at a time, putting all your energy and focus and skills to work the best you can that day and succeed.
And, as much as I appreciate the way the Patriots have made "one game at a time" and "team" part of the vision statement for every other NFL team, doing one game at a time 16 or 18 0r 21 times is not the same thing as doing it 176 times, as the Red Sox did. They really are apples and oranges, baseball and football; the only similarity is that they are games.
To John and every other lifetime suffering Red Sox fan, congratulations on being alive to witness this year.
To the media, and the fans, take it one day at a time for the next few days anyway. Forget about next week, next year, who stays, who goes. The word "savor" is overused and misused, but one definition -- "to delight in" -- applies here. Let's just savor this event, until it no longer has a taste or smell or texture. Let's not leap over the present to wrangle about the future.
The World Champion Boston Red Sox.