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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Musings of a Miserable Fellowship

- When did you give up and shut the TV off? (Sixth for me - only because I was eating dessert. It would have - and should have - been earlier.)
- OK Grady Little haters, you have to admit that he did get them at least to Game 7 of the ALCS instead of this embarrassing and humiliating Yankees whipping we are enduring.
- What's the opposite of stepping up in a pressure situation? (hint: it rhymes with broke)
- Arroyo did not have it tonight. A disappointment, but neither did Pedro - and he makes $17.5M. (Have I ever mentioned that Pedro makes $17.5M.........???)
- Sometimes baseball is so simple: like, er Duh, base running.
- Aren't you glad you didn't fork over your next mortgage payment to get a seat to the game tonight?
- Blessings in Disguise Dept.: Friday's rainout ticketholders can now likely get a refund when the Hose get completely hosed in four straight!
- Will you be eager and willing to pay even higher Red Sox ticket prices in '05?
- Got a sinking feeling, a black pit in your stomach? So does Theo, and John Henry, et. al.
- Will heads roll? Unlikely - though Grady got canned after blowing last year's ALCS.....
- What would comes to your RSN mind? For me, it is PATHETIC; for both the $129M payroll team's performance and the broadcast team working the Fox telecast. Somebody please stuff a sock in McCarver's mouth! The Twins gave the Yankees a tougher time that these pansies.
- Will you watch Game 4? If so, WHY?
- I hope St. Louis or The Rocket kick the Yankees ass. That is the only way to redeem anything from this miserable fall, knowing at least that Georgie is miserable too.
- Do what I do: Boycott Fenway and spend your hard-earned money in Pawtucket, Nashua, Norwich, Lowell, Portland, etc. They appreciate their fans more, play hard, and don't charge $50+ for a ticket.