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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Mamma Mia! Cabrera Wins By a Nose!

Cubbies were eliminated today - screwing up one of my pre-season picks. Oh well.
But, time for my favorite, easy lay-up sporting event: Nomar Bashing!!!
This Special Annual Cubbies Wake Edition: Nomar vs. Cabrera, Just the Facts, Ma'am.
[Since THE Trade]
AB: Nomah 134, Cabrera 224
R: Nomah 22, Cabrera 32
H: Nomah 40, Cabrera 66
2B: Nomah 10, Cabrera 18
3B: Nomah 0, Cabrera 1
HR: Nomah 4, Cabrera 6
RBI: Nomah 16, Cabrera 30
BB: Nomah 10, Cabrera 11
SO: Nomah 12, Cabrera 23
SB: Nomah 2, Cabrera 4
CS: Nomah 1, Cabrera 1
B-AVG: Nomah .299, Cabrera .295
SLG: Nomah .463, Cabrera .464
OPS: Nomah .817, Cabrera .785
Total Chances: Nomah 159, Cabrera 230
Errors, FPCT: Nomah 3/.981, Cabrera 8/.965
RF: Nomah .405, Cabrera .415

Surprise folks - Nomah played better SS for the Cubs (statistically anyway, though look at the differences in Chances) while Cabrera outhit and outslugged Nomie. Mamma Mia! Who woulda thunk it!
Yes, I know Nomie was hurt, Nomie fans. But he would have been hurt if he stayed here as well (maybe worse?). Now, he has plenty of time to rest up during the free-agent lottery season to see which idiot GM will pay him $16 or $17M.

Bottom Line: Cabrera outplayed Nomar because he played when his club needed him to, hit better than was expected of him, hit for both decent power and decent average, and didn't cause distractions.
And, he hasn't asked for $17M yet - and probably won't. He's also going to be busy for most of October.
Thanks for your time and attention folks!
Bashing Now Ended. You may resume your normal programming.