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Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Full Gloating Zone of Post Posts and Quotes

What the NY press is saying today (Gloat away!):
from the NY Post (www.nypost.com)
"The Red Sox have their Waterloo, 1918. Now the Yankees have theirs, 2004. This was the Ultimate Choke."
"This was the night the Empire fell."
"...the Red Sox have destroyed the Evil Empire.
The Olde Towne Team danced on Babe's grave last night at Yankee Stadium. Their former House of Horrors is now their house.......On this night, the Red Sox were so confident they would beat the Yankees, they didn't even bother to take batting practice. That would come later against Kevin Brown and Javier Vazquez."
"...there was so much blame to shovel around the Yankee clubhouse they needed to pay the grounds crew overtime.....the most stunning choke in the history of baseball, an egregious gag. "
"...what this newer generation of Yankees has become: a whole pile of gaudy numbers, with not a hell of a lot to show for it in the end."(reminds one of generations of Red Sox players, eh?)
"...The Curse of the Bambino ....is over now, ending in The House that Ruth Built."
"...The Red Sox were Michael Corleone in the final scene of "The Godfather," settling all scores accumulated over 86 frustrating years."
"...starting last night a new reality had swept baseball -- The Curse of A-Rod."
"...Yankees are supposed to make history, not be history.
Curt Schilling was right: Aura and Mystique are topless dancers, and Destiny showed up last night and danced on a pinstriped grave. "
"This monumental upset in front of the monuments was the symbolic equivalent of Pedro Martinez throwing not only old rhino Don Zimmer, but every Yankee and every Yankees fan to the ground. "
"October 20, 2004. A date that will live in Yankees infamy."

At least they can write folks.