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Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Faith of Our Fathers is Redeemed: Free at Last

As with many of us, I learned my love of the game and the team from my father, a man who religiously watched (or listened to in those days) every game, with Curt Gowdy, Ken Coleman, The Hawk, et. al. He never lived to see this day.
My father-in-law, who also followed every game, sat next to me on the couch during the seventh inning of Game 6 in 1986 and sternly proclaimed, " They will find a way to blow it," - and though I calmly disagreed, he was right, they did. He is now, unfortunately, in a VA hospital, suffering the latter stages of Alzheimer's
- and so he will never know this day either.
But my sons, both of them - and my daughter - have seen this day.
Martin Luther King's words come to mind: one day we will will look down from the mountain top and be able to rejoice because we are free at last. It was a long and terribly painful climb, but the view is beautiful, breathtaking.

Things I am Happy Will Change Department:
- I have now learned that the phrase "since 1918," is actually two separate words - not one inextricably mixed set of letters. Free at last.
- To the print media: Please drop the Curse thing; it was old, tired, and trite anyway. Nobody believed it, it was just cheap and easy copy fodder for lazy sportswriters. Free at last.
- To the electronic media and those covering baseball: Please drop the cliched compilations of suffering Sox videotape clips including Buckner, Pesky, Ruth, Frazee, Gibson, Dent, etc.; it too was old, tired, and uninteresting. Nobody wanted to see it anymore, it was just cheap and easy video fodder for lazy producers. Free at last.
- No more photos of a smiling Babe Ruth; No more inane trivia questions where the answer is always "No, No, Nanette," No more Bucky "F___" Dent references, and best of all - as the great Schilling wonderfully pointed out, No More dark side comments about truly great Red Sox players who have only been remembered for gaffes or failures and not for their contributions to the team and the game. Free at last.

Free at last, Free at last,.....Thank God Almighty I am Free at Last.