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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Defining Moment

Ever since Pedro arrived on Yawkey Way, this is the vision we had for him (and he for himself as well, I suspect): taking the mound on the grandest stage of all - a World Series game - as part of bringing a Championship to Boston. Pedro is no longer the overwhelmingly dominant force he was in 1997-1999, a veritable "Force of Nature," with the ability to both humble and humiliate an opposing team by the sheer force of his focused will and physical talent. Still, he has more than enough talent and skills to subdue this tough Cardinals lineup and put the Red Birds in a terrible Three Games to none hole.

This is a defining moment for Pedro; he may never get this opportunity again. He has had plenty of rest, is healthy, and is better equipped than many Sox pitchers to throw in a National League park and rules set; he's been there, done that.
Time to show us what you are made of Pedro, and earn the $17.5M you are making.
If you don't have anything left in your tank, then don't be surprised or "hurt," if Theo et. al. don't offer you more big buckos over the off season.