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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

And you think Red Sox players say dumb things

This from the Jim Caple article on ESPN.com:

"I don't want those guys [umpires] to meet anymore," Alex Rodriguez said after he was called for runner interference for his bush league play when he knocked the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's hand. "Every time they meet, it goes against the Yankees. I told John Hirschbeck: No more meetings."

"I told John Hirschbeck: No more meetings."?

And to think some people in Boston actually wanted this jerk to play for the Red Sox! Give me the idiots, the "my daddy" remarks, and every other goofy thing the Sox players may have ever said or may ever say -- even the Mo Vaughan line, "It's not about the money." Rodriguez had a big head when he got to NY -- I didn't think it was filled with apple strudle.

Let's just put his picture in the dictionary next to the word, "arrogance," and skip the definition.

Is there any more discussion necessary about the sense of entitlement Yankees (and their bottle-throwing fans) have about the World Series and the pennant? I think not.

Here's hoping "they" get all the calls right again tonight.