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Monday, October 25, 2004

And now for a touch of reality about our society

From today's Baltimore Sun:

"Does red sock on Schilling's foot pass the blood test?"

Laura Vecsey

Pertinent Excerpt:

"But there's a contingent of baseball watchers, including Red Sox Nation faithful, who wouldn't put it past Schilling to embellish the theatrics surrounding the management of this ankle problem.

" ' It could have a little blood mixed in there, but we'll have to check it out with the trainer,' " Red Sox director of public information Glenn Geffner said.

"On that score, we give you the New York Yankees - not that they're a totally credible source, considering their postseason misery at the hands of Schilling and the Red Sox.

"Manager Joe Torre did posit the idea that the Yankees didn't bunt more on Schilling in that fateful Game 6 of the American League Championship Series because they weren't really sure how hurt he was.

"Even factoring in the sour grapes, word out of New York is that some Yankees players wouldn't put it past Schilling to dab his sock with red magic marker, or apply generous amounts of Mercurochrome - anything to amplify the Red Sox's amazing postseason run and, of course, to hoist his stature.

"We've seen this kind of gloriously entertaining act before: Hall of Fame athletes doing whatever it takes to guarantee not only victory, but also the long and glorious shelf life of their legend.

"We give you Joe Namath and the January 1969 Super Bowl.

"At the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, after the Canadian Olympic hockey team won the gold medal, there was Wayne Gretzky, impish grin unleashed, digging at the rink ice.

"From beneath the surface, the Great One chipped out a Canadian coin. It was a looney, which Gretzky said he had buried there to ensure good luck for the Canadians."

Hey, Laura, how do you like this: "You are a liar." Now prove you are not.

And, a point of logic, how could Namath have been embellishing his reputation when his reputation was made only after he actually fulfilled his prediction?

Newspapers will let anyone on their staffs these days, especially, I gather, people with a famous last names.