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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

And how do we FEEL now?

I cannot ignore the feeling I've had since the Yankees series that the WS -- so far -- is like a disappointing dessert after a great meal. It tastes okay, goes down well, but does not have the zing of the main course.
I guess this is inevitable given the intensity, year in and year out, of the Yankees - Sox rivalry. Before I moved to NH 16 years, ago I was a Yankee hater who lived in Virginia and rooted for the O's for years. The Yankees have perennially been the enemy, so moving north did not start that emotion, but did intensify it.
Now, on the verge of, dare I say it, this admirable Sox team winning the Series, I don't exactly know how to feel -- elated is not it (that was beating the Yankees the way the Sox did) -- and frankly, to beat a very dilapidated phrase right into the ground, it doesn't get any better than that.
There will be an inevitable denouement of emotions -- a crash, if you will -- when they do win. Several of these guys won't be here next year, and no one knows exactly who they are. I hear Pedro actually had a little catch in his throat talking about this year during an interview last night.
So be it.
Again, play hard, guys, just like it was the 7th game all over again.