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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The '04 Cardinals: Same as the Old Red Sox - What Do We Do Now?

Pedro did show up last night, did he ever. Shaky at first (seen a lot of that from him this year), but he settled down and appeared resolute - and even mean at times. If he leaves Boston, this Game 3 performance will be the one which is remembered most.

Tim says it's over; he's right, and it is too bad. I feel somewhat cheated, don't you? I was expecting a Rock'em Sock'em, Down-to-the-Wire World Series between the Manny/Ortiz/Damon/Schilling/Perdo Sox and the imposing Edmonds/Rolen/Renteria/Pujols/Walker lumber-swinging, defensively perfect Cardinals. The Birds Offense flew south however. The Old Baseball Saw applied: good pitching beats good hitting (ask the '67, '75, and '86 Sox BTW), as odd as it is to say about the traditionally pitching-deprived Red Sox franchise.

Why are The New Red Sox winning in a walk? The Cardinals are this year's National League incarnation of many Old Red Sox Teams: an unbelieveably good hitting lineup with just so-so pitching and a pretty good defense.
The New Red Sox are beating the Old Red Sox. As they say on Madison Avenue, New and Improved - and we Approve.
At the end of the Robert Redford movie "The Candidate," a newbie candidate surprisingly wins a U.S. Senate election he never expected he could win; the last line in the movie reveals the winning Candidate asking his Chief Strategist "What do we do, Now?" [that we have won]
My question indeed, which may come up about midnight tonight - I hope.