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Monday, September 20, 2004

Some ways to look at it

1. They suck (reference: any Boston Globe columnist).
2. It is two losses, regardless of the score. If you were talking about the Yankees, and they lost, by, say, a score of 22-0, you'd say it is just another loss, so why not say the same thing about the Sox losses?
3. We are cursed (reference: Dan Shaughnessy, Jansenist).
4. The Yankees are better (reference: Charlie Steiner and his broadcast buddy on WCBS).
5. We cannot play any worse (for Varitek, and others, this is probably true).
6. We still get to play them at home three more times.
7. It's Francona's fault.
8. Pedro (16-7) sucks. (He did, but that record for virtually any other pitcher on any other team and the radio/media/fan meatheads would be seeking to trade for him).
9. Lowe sucks. (He did.)
10. Who cares? The Pats kick ass.