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Saturday, September 11, 2004

PawSox Bail on Buddy

Buddy Bailey has been fired as manager of the PawSox - a puzzling move when one considers how the team played, especially last year. A Boston Herald story by Jeff Horrigan says that behind the scenes, a strong-willed Buddy frayed some nerves with some of the more experienced PawSox players - though none were specifically named.
Bailey brought the PSox to the final game of the IL Championship last season, losing to a strong Durham team. This year, Bailey had to deal with a lineup that was jockeyed endlessly as the parent club continually shifted bodies around to compensate for a spate of injuries - and also try to rehab folks like Mendoza (a success), Nixon, and Mueller - and he was saddled with trying to fix a largely ineffective (and seemingly indifferent) B. Y. Kim most of the year.
Still, the Paw Sox were in in IL playoff hunt until about the last 10 days of the season - and always played hard in the games I saw (25+) with the talent they had.
The Herald story also pointed to other changes in Pawtucket - such as the departure of Earl Snyder and other solid players.
It's OK, we are rebuilding you say?
Well, if you have seen much of the Sea Dogs and the Spinners, you know the Sox don't have that many strong prospects coming along.
Next year in Pawtucket may be, shall we say, challenging?