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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Minors Sag but Parent's Time to Shine?

The Red Sox farm system is coming off a tough year - Lowell and Portland both had losing records and Pawtucket failed to make the playoffs this year in the IL. So the fields named Hadlock, LeLacheur, and McCoy have gone silent and dark for the long winter season.

But at Fenway - or the current road address - the lights are bright and getting brighter. Though on a tough West Coast road trip, good things are happening for the Fens locals as for once at this time of year, it seems that the Evil Empire is the cursed nine this time. First, Lou Pinella's tardiness means the already pitching-starved Yanks will have to make up a doubleheader this week. The Call? Hello Triple A for pitching help. And don't you just love Kevin Brown? Without any apparent injury to keep him on the DL through the end of the year, Brown's punching dramatics may have punched a mega-hole through Joe Torre's AL East title march. And Estaban Loiaza? How's that working out for you Georgie?

Yeah I know - no gloating this soon; not good for business. But it does seem that the stars are aligning in a different order this year.