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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Empire Respect and A Warning

Even though the Red Sox won tonight, and Pedro's concession speech yesterday aside, it is not being a disloyal member of RSN to say that you have to admire the job Torre and the Empire have done this year. No, I am not a Yankee fan, but, really folks, consider the following:
- Jason Giambi, former MVP, essentially out for the season (where would we be without our 1B, Ortiz?)
- Pitching Staff: Brown (good when able, often disabled), Mussina (like Wakefield - up and down this year), Contreras (gone due to terrible inconsistency), Loiaza (a complete No Show after arriving), Etc. (Fill In the Blank - Lieber, .....) Torre has had to do some creative juggling at the most critical position folks, and he is still ahead. Francona has had much healthier arms on the mound this year, all year.
- Sheffield: Wounded, but a Gamer, and possible MVP.

Even with what amounts to a AAA pitching staff on occasion the last two months, the Yanks have withstood a pretty good charge from the Sox and stayed ahead. So, a warning to those who have been thinking that it is a foregone conclusion that this time we will beat them decisively in October (if we and they are lucky enough to get to the ALCS): Unlike Pedro, they won't concede out of frustration. We are going to have to rip it out of their cold, dead, hands.