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Friday, September 17, 2004

The Chase, and Other Scoreboard Tickers

I for one am not that fired up about the Red Sox beating out the Yankees for the AL East crown. Why not? For starters, I would rather face an Oakland club we have beat the crap out of in the first round while the Yanks have to deal with the tough Twins. If the Yanks beat the Twins, so what - we thought we were going to have to face them anyway. If the Twins win, hopefully the Yankees will take some of the steam out of them in the process, and we won't have to go to the Bronx in October at all. Home vs. Away? I don't think that is a big deal for this team.

Millar? I was very down on him, I admit. Yes, he is streaky - just stay hot for another four weeks. Looks better at 1B lately also.

Arroyo? Could be The Difference this year in a seven game series. The kid has confidence and can win.

Wake? I am not worried. Remember which Red Sox player stepped up more than any other last October? Wake is the kind of guy you want on your team going into a World Series.

Damon? Most improved Sox player this year from last.

Manny? AL MVP, Period. Sheffield was more impressive, playing through pain and with a screwed up team, but Manny was simply better. Even better "D" this year as well, all things considered.

Unsung Heroes: Gabe Kapler and Doug Mirabelli.

A Player Never To be Named Who is Not Missed One Bit: No. 5.

Best Red Sox Off-Season Move: Schilling. Any questions?

Guys We Have To Re-sign: 'Tek, Cabrerra. Any questions?

Team We Fear Most in the Post Season: Cardinals (Time to avenge the '67 squad and put LaRussa in his place.)

Sadness: End of the AAA, AA, A, and NE league seasons. Sigh.