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Friday, August 27, 2004

Zeitgeist Flashes

If it works for 'EEI, then:
- How about the job Doug Mirabelli has done this week with 'Tek on enforced holiday. Nice to know he is there, and one of the - if not THE - best backup Catcher in the AL.
- After watching Orlando Cabrera play short, are you still missing Nomah?
- Kudos to Theo: I took real balls to trade one of the most popular players in RS history for several mid-tier unknows (in this market, anyway). He did it, said why (they were not going to win much with him and the defense as it was), and so far, has shown how it will be better. Congrats Theo (Credit where Credit is Due Dept.)
- Kudos to Theo - Part II: Does anybody think that maybe, just maybe, one of the reasons this team is playing better since The Trade is because by making the Move, Theo made it explicitly clear that what this Team was about and what management wanted above all else was to win; it was not about personalities or anything else. And maybe, just maybe, the Team got that message as well?
- Francona; Also, Credit where Credit is Due Dept: Mixing up the lineup, actually bunting (now that we have Roberts), and doing a creditable job of keeping the ship afloat with a number of continuing injuries.
- Manny: Sox MVP, and team leader? Could be both, in his own unique way. If it works, I am for it.
- See how playing solid defense suddenly makes the rest of the team hang together better?
- Quiz: Can you easily name a championship caliber club that played poor defense.........I'm waiting.
- See how winning fixes (almost) everything? (Ask Bob Kraft about that too.)