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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Theo Fesses Up....and Shores Up the "D"

He said that the defense was "unacceptable," Remy called it "terrible," others have called it "atrocious" - we all knew what they were talking about: the Red Sox Defense so far this season. To his credit, Theo fessed up today, finally calling a turd a turd, and taking action to fix it.
Bye Nomar - you were an eight week temp assignment anyway; was there anybody with an IQ of more than 50 who thought Theo had a shot at re-signing Nomar? Pleeeezeee! It was time for him to move on - and he may well end up as an All-Star in Chicago, or wherever, but that's OK. Just like Clemens, he wasn't going to play like that here - he needed a move. If someone else wants to pay Nomar $60M for 4 years, good luck to 'em. Now, let's hope we have a better chance to sign Varitek, the guy we really can't afford to lose.

So the Red Sox did not get a Rent-An-Arm this year, but boosted the Pitching staff considerably anyway by installing some solid defense, and changed the offense by adding some speed on the bases. It will be interesting to see who drops out the end of the bucket with three new faces on the roster.

Theo - 'ya done good. There are those who will say we didn't get enough. Bull. Nomar was going to walk for nothing and the team has been playing .500 ball for three months. Time for a shake up - consider yourself shaken and stirred.

I like this team better now, even if they stay at .500 the rest of the way. Watching them maul easy plays that are made at the AA level ruined any serious enjoyment of the game.