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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Clean, Crisp Baseball - 'Ya Gotta Love It

Saturday's win over the Tigers was a thing of beauty from the New and Improved Red Sox. Baseball is a game of small things, which put together, create wins. For example:
- In the first, when Omar Infante singled to center, he was thrown out at second by Johnny Damon. One out, nobody on instead of no outs and man on second. (Thinking defense is important here?)
- Detroit 4th: One run in for the Tigers and runners on first and second with two out and Brandon Inge due up. But Marcus Thames gets picked off at first by Jason Varitek to end the inning. One run is the damage.(Thinking defense is important here, maybe?)
- Gabe Kapler sacrifice bunts Mueller to second. he scores on Bellhorn's subsequent double.
- Ramiro Mendoza closes out the ninth nicely.
That's clean, crisp baseball folks - just the way they teach it in school.
Winning baseball. Team baseball.