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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Baseball GM Alert: No-Mah For Sale!

Had enough about the No-mah situation? This is a subject most Sox fans can't seem to get enough of yet. Other voices on this point:

- Reports tonight say Nomar is looking for a measly $50 million over 4 years as a free agent, $10 million less than the $60 million J. Henry and Theo offered. What was that about him wanting to stay in Boston? I think Nomah is doing some free-agent damage control here;
* All those GM's who would want a lying, Achilles tendon sore, defensively-challenged, loner and sulking personality, past-his-prime shortstop for $12.5 million a year step forward? Pleeeeze?
- Bill Simmons, ESPN.com: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=simmons/040802, makes an excellent and telling point about The Trade:
"Not a single [red Sox] teammate [has] stepped up to A.) defend him, or B.) bash the trade as he was headed out the door."
- If dealing with the press and fans was so "difficult" for Nomah here in Boston, he should be playing somewhere else, like maybe Kansas City.

Time to move on folks. Why?
In the end, it turns out, gnashing over it any more isn't worth it because Nomah wasn't worth, and can't handle, our attention and interest. Now, it's Mia's problem.