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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Who's On First?

Friday night, Turner Classic Movies Superstation was running a number of Abbott and Costello movies across from the Sox-Yankees game. I, for one, couldn't help being struck by the irony: while Bud and Lou made slapstick comical and entertaining, Kevin Millar/Schilling/Gutierriez were offering their own slapstick version of Who's On First - in the case of the Red Sox, No One; literally and figuratively.
I don't care if they did beat the Yanks on Saturday, and Millar is getting his bat tuned up (finally) - it really means nothing. This team is going nowhere without a steady, reliable glove at first (where the most plays are made in any game), and I think the starting pitching staff knows it.
Even if they do earn the Wild Card spot, do you give this rickety, sieve-like defense much chance in any tight game in the playoffs - where defensive lapses stick out like a giant mole in the middle of your forehead?
This team has the firepower to produce enough runs (Nomar, Manny, Nixon, Damon, Mueller, Varitek, Ortiz) to overcome having a decent glove at first (McCarty). A trade-off I would make, even though First is really an "offensive" position in baseball, especially the A.L.
The problem for the Red Sox is that the team's play at First this season has really been Offensive, hasn't it.