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Monday, July 26, 2004

Weekend Wrap, Maybe?

- Red Sox (MLB) won two of three; probably the minimum achievement needed to keep 20,000 tortured souls from leaping off the Tobin bridge. The Good News: Lowe was gritty, almost - again - let down by his defense, but he hung on. The Bad News: lots of people hurt, including Nixon again and now Leskanic. Let's hope Varitek's wrist is a two-day phenomenon and Adams can shore up the bullpen. The really Bad News: they head out on the road, where they have played like...............all season. [How many back will they be when they return?]
- Red Sox (AAA) PawSox climbing back into the IL playoff hunt after a mediocre spring and early summer, while putting up with a not-rehabbing-very-well BY Kim. McCoy never looked better than its current post-IL All-Star Game tidyness. Neat PCL and IL team uniform display outside the front gate.
- Spinners: packing 'em in as usual - maybe the best park for a kid's First Game.
- J. Giambi: I don't like the Yankees nor the whole steroid-related culture, but looks like a few well-directed words on Jason's behalf before you retire tonight are in order.
- Question to The Nation: How much confidence would you have in the Red Sox getting to the playoffs this year if Joe Torre was managing them?
- Dennis Eckersley: a Great One, Period. Wouldn't you love to have him closing for the '04 Edition of the Sox?
- The Brawl: a distraction from the game really, and costly if 'Tek is out for a while. A-Rod needs to know that he is not the only Yankee who has gotten hit lately - and won't be the last either.