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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Nomar for Randy: In a [NY] Minute

Nomar for Randy (Mr. K) Johnson?
Yeah, I would do it in a minute. Why?
- Which scenario is more likely to win a Championship? The Red Sox with Nomar and his offense but with the current pitching staff (and maybe Randy in NYY pinstripes), or Red Sox with Randy Johnson? No brainer there, folks. We probably have enough offense to win it - as much as anybody else, except maybe St. Louis.
- How would you like to enter the playoffs with Randy, Curt, and Pedro as your top 3 starters? With Wakefield and Arroyo to fill-in in middle relief, and Foulke closing? Wow, period.
- Folks, Nomar's probably gone anyway at season's end, so............
- Randy's got a few good years left, even at $16M a pop.
- Defense: Pokey's here. No problemo.
- Are you confident (after last year) that Nomar will hit in September?
- Nomar turned down $15M/year for 4 years last season. J. Henry won't offer him that this winter....you can bet on it.
Some things in life are easy to decide. This is one of them.
But will Randy come to Boston? Probably not.