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Friday, July 30, 2004

Leading by Hustling and Working - Not Shoving

The guys who deliver when the season is slipping through your fingers and the team needs to get some momentum are not always the Big Name, Big Money stars. Tonight in Minnesota - a team that has been on fire the last few weeks - Bronson Arroyo stepped up as he has done several times since the All-Star break with a strong outing. When he is "on" he is tough, even on the carpet against a very aggressive team.

And defensively, a big bow to Gabe Kapler - stepping in for Trot and stepping up the defense with a great throw to nail Morneau trying to stretch a double into a triple. Jerry Remy's comments are right on track here: Kapler could have taken his time and let Damon get the ball, but he called it, reared back, and fired. 3 RBIs too for Gabe.

While the Yankees' brawl has been pointed to by many as a potential source of inspiration for a team that has seemed listless more often than we want to admit, I am a believer that guys like Arroyo and Kapler are trying to lead this team the best way they know how - and that their way and their example will be much more effective than any shoving match could be.