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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

It's Still About the Baseball

For my part, I generally feel sorry for most Red Sox fans: this year's swoon started in May, and it looks like they'll be out of the AL East title hunt by the All-Star break despite a $129M payroll. The sub-head of this blog says that baseball in New England is about more than just that overpaid bunch on Yawkey Way, and that still holds true - especially now.

Don't go into a funk over the sad state of affairs with the Sox, there's plenty of great baseball left this season in Pawtucket, Lowell, New Britain, Norwich, Portland, Nashua, Brockton, etc........played by kids not making $10M, who hustle, don't whine, ride buses, and field as well as what we have seen from most of the high-priced talent at Fenway (except the not overpaid, ever-graceful Pokey Reese).

Make a Decision: Are you a baseball fan or a fan of a (specific) Team? Do you like and enjoy the game itself - or are you a slavish devotee of a given team, regardless of how well they play, how much heart they show, how much they charge for tickets, or how well they reward your devotion?
If you are a real [Red Sox] Team fan, ask yourself, does that make any sense? How's that working out for you the last 80+ Years or so?

I like the Game of Baseball - and the Boston Red Sox only get in the way of that enjoyment sometimes. Change the station; watch the Cubs or Braves or Dodgers. Go watch Babe Ruth ball.
Some would say that makes me a purist. Others would say that I am simply not a masochist. What about you?