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Thursday, July 22, 2004

It's because I listened to the game

Yup, I am the reason the Sox suck. If I had just stayed off MLB.com and not looked at the pitch-by-pitch visuals on CBSSportsline.com, they would have played better and won.
If I had just had the sense to watch something, anything, on TV, other than the game, they would have won.
Hell, why not blame me -- and the rest of the fans -- for the way they play? It's just about the only constituency left that could be at fault.
Oh, wait a minute. Perhaps it IS the players' fault. I get it: players play and we watch, so how can I be at fault? Whew! What a relief!
Is that also the way the players feel. Whew! It's not my fault tonight. It's Damon's and Manny's and Pedro's, not mine.
The bumbling continues, huh? I expect some mental and physical errors from the U15 AAU team my son plays on: they are, after all, still learning, are just kids, and can get distracted by one another's mistakes, their own, and anything that makes them feel bad about themselves. BUT they are 15.
Last night, I finally admit that I have lost all confidence in this team contending for anything this year. I wonder how Theo, et al., feel now?
And, please, Terry Francoma (I have succumbed to talk-show vocabulary), no excuses. Just say, "We are awful and deserve to lose."
Time for, "Go, Marlins and Devil Rays! The Sunshine State Series!"