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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

DL Devils - NY and Boston

While Theo possibly scours the available outfielders in MLB as possible acquisitions before Saturday, some DL thoughts:
- Sox DL: Nixon, Pokey, Wiliamson, Kim
- NYY: Mussina, Brown, Giambi (coming?)
- Nixon is a loss, no doubt about it....especially in the clubhouse and in Fenway's notoriously tough right field. Also, the absence of a good LH bat in the lineup weakens Francona's LH/RH decision options. But it is the defensive loss that should concern those looking to October.
- Worried about Randy Johnson in pinstripes? This should worry Sox fans: How have the Yankees kept the AL East lead, and actually increased that lead, without Mussina, Brown, and an effective Giambi?
- How good is Gary Sheffield? Carrying the Yanks right now folks.
- Sometimes you get Lucky Department: Sox and Wake get rained out in Baltimore. Tim didn't have "it" last night.