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Friday, June 18, 2004

The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling

Oops, no it's not.
Derek Lowe: 14 scoreless innings, at home and away. Good location. Able to get out of jams.
Problems solved? Maybe not, but it seems to me that the most sophisticated and knowledgeable sports fans and media in the universe here in Boston might have cut this guy some slack. He knows more about pitching than any of them and more about himself than any of them, so when he says he does not know what was wrong but will find it and work at fixing it, maybe the all-knowing crowd would take him at his word. Instead, they called him a head case and screamed "trade." Talk about treating the players as meat -- the fans and talk-show gurus were more worried about how his poor pitching wouldn't get "us" a top-notch ballplayer!
Just how in the world did Boston fans ever get the reputation as most knowledgeable? I've been here 15 years, up from the provinces in Washington, D.C., and still haven't seen it.
Most obnoxious, quickest to judge, speediest on the call-in speed dial, and fastest to jettison their one-time favorites -- yup, they win on all counts.