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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Numbers, or Believing?

Well, which is it sports fans? Are we going to judge these Red Sox on the numbers they put up (Tim's point below, and the whole point of bringing somebody like Bill James into the Yawkey Way sanctum) or on their heart, effort, teamwork, and what we believe (still not much there it appears.) The numbers, as they say - especially the W-L - don't lie. And players faces don't lie either (Nomar, somebody, your agent perhaps, should tell your face to smile, you're on camera when you make those E6s!)

From today's Boston Globe, Francona speaks: "If I'm any judge of talent, I think we'll be fantastic," he said. "I love these guys. I think we're going to find a way to be a very good team. I also think we have to improve, and I believe we're going to do that."

Yes, Terry, you and they do have to improve, don't you. The question is: will you? What's the plan, really? Grind it out says Terry. How insightful!
Sound a bit like Jimmy Williams or Grady, don't you think?