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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Just Another Night at Pawtucket ....

- From the You don't see this Every Day Department: Durham Bulls Right Fielder Matt Diaz flies out three straight times - to second base; F4, F4, F4. Despite that, the kid looks like a player; time will tell.
- In the famous movie, Robert Redford's injured character (#9, remember) slugs a mammoth home run to right center and into the light standard to win the game for the Knights, amid tons of sparks, music, and bombast. Well, last night at McCoy, a foul ball over the right field roof blew out one of the bulbs in the light standard. I can report that we somehow missed out on the showering sparks and bombast (some trickling glass shards was about it folks), though for good measure, the PawSox played the famous clip from the movie later - on the Jumbotron.
- Buddy Bailey does a terrific job as manager of the PawSox (you know the "but" is coming) but last night he pulled Jamie Brown one out short of a victory (4 2/3) and it didn’t appear that Brown was in any serious trouble (only 1 ER to that point). While two men were on, he had pretty much controlled the game so far and looked strong, hitting the corners and changing speeds well. Go figure.
- A Buddy Move that worked (Go Figure, again): in the seventh, Henri Stanley (.222 BA on the season, and hasn’t even looked that good) as a PH singles to right for an RBI.
- Feast or Famine Department: Brian Daubach’s line: 5 PA’s - BB, BB, BB, then K,K. That's Brian folks, after two mammoth HR’s over the weekend.
On Sunday, the PawSox’s 8-0 shellacking of the Bulls was behind a strong, five hit pitching performance by Tim Kester.