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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It Is Just One Game, Isn't It Theo? (And Larry, and John.....)

How 'ya feeling about Nomah coming back for '05 right about now?
How 'ya feeling about Millar's role with this club right about now?
How 'ya feeling about the Mojo with this club right about now?
How 'ya feeling about executing the Bill James Stat-O-Matic approach with this club right about now?
How 'ya feeling about the prices you paid for those Box Seats you bought for August right about now?

Tonight's horrible embarassment in the Stadium must have been sweet, oh so sweet for Georgie Porgie.
Theo, these Dead-Ass (Thanks DirtDogs!) Red Sox don't have to worry about the NY Yankees for the forseeable future; they do have to worry, seriously worry, about making the playoffs and finishing second in the AL East behind the not-DeadAss Devil Rays. The way they are playing right now, Tampa will finish second in the AL East, or one of the AL West teams will certainly grab the Wild Card slot.

Still We Believe, The Boston Red Sox.......WHAT? Horror Movie.
Gimme a break. The $129 million payroll is looking like $129.00 straight out of the NECBL.

How long before the Nation starts demanding Theo dump Francona and install Remy as a means to save the season (as a PR move anyway).