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Friday, June 25, 2004

Dauber: Stay at McCoy....Please!

Ah the Zen of Brian Daubach. Hitting a trivial .227 in his stint at Boston, Dauber is back at Pawtucket, where he is hitting .330 (tells you something right there folks.) Last night though, Dauber outdid himself: with his club trailing by 4 in the bottom of the eighth, two out, Dauber steps to the plate with two on. Nice place to be, right, Rally Time? And he delivers - a right field gapper, which the RF misplays. Two runs score - now down by two with a runner on second, right, with Andy Dominique on deck? Wrong. "Speedy" Dauber tries to stretch things into a triple and makes the third out at third base, and looked bad doing it. Ugly folks. Brian, stay at McCoy please.
Rehab Dept.: saw Kim and Mendoza each pitch an inning at McCoy against the Richmond Braves. Nothing memorable to report.
More ugly Dept.: PawSox below .500, look to be out of the IL playoffs if trends continue (Need pitching). And two errors last night (could have been more also.)