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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Blah of the Game

While NESN should be applauded for trying to bring some new features to its Sox broadcasts besides the further adventures of Wally, "Sounds of the Game," where the Don and Jerry do in-game interviews and also have players wired for sound, is a very unwelcome addition. First, the mush-speak of the modern athlete and manager is so finely tuned and vague that nothing of consequence or interest is ever forthcoming - just more boring crap including re-stating the glaringly obvious (Francona: “We just have to score one more run than the other guys,”). Second, the game telecasts have actually missed at-bats while cutting away for an in-game interview - breaking a cardinal rule of sports telecasting. Third, I must admit I am never convinced that anyone wearing a mike isn't very much aware of having that mike on - and possibly either pandering to the situation or holding back comments because of it.
While the effort to add something new to the broadcast is appreciated, this feature is definitely not.
Note to NESN: drop "Sounds of the Game," please, unless you can develop it so it isn't just background dribble.