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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Baseball Goofs?

What's the value of an article title? The above is an example of a "blank space" approach: I don't know what's coming so I insert a goofy title. Here comes the goof:

Barry Bonds: Boston may be a racist city (I'm not qualified to say, I am not black), certainly was a racist city (Bill Russell thought so), and while the school desegragation fiasco was over 30 years ago the Charles Stuart episode wasn't. Regardless, Barry should experience the atmosphere of Boston firsthand before he mouths off to Gordon Edes, or any other scribe or interviewer. I am sure Barry would say it would be unfair of me to deem him a self-centered prima-donna in a national interview, simply based on what other people have told me about him. I am sure Barry would insist that I get that experience firsthand.

Watching the Red Sox vs. Minnesota last night: Why is stone-fingers Bellhorn at third when Youkillis is around? Why didn't Damon get charged with an error when he lost that ball in the dusk (if that is what happened)? Was Theo's stoneface after Nomah's Slam a foreshadowing? And Lew Ford: he looks even better on the Twins than he did in his years down at New Britain, when it was obvious he was going to be a Player.

PawSox: Saw re-habbing Scott Erickson pitch for the Norfolk Tides on Saturday; looked VERY shaky to start (wild and weak velocity) but straightened it out and got a W against the PSox. Dominique has struggled since taking the bus trip back to McCoy. The PSox did a cool promo on Saturday: a Girl Scout sleepover. After the game, the outfield was populated full of small tents as lots of Girl Scouts stayed the night at McCoy. Cool - and a neat way to get girls as fans?

Legion Ball, Little League: Watched some Legion ball this weekend (good bats, need defensive work?) plus Little League games at random.
Suggestion Du Jour: Just stop sometime as you pass by any Little League game and sit for a bit. If you have had it with Bonds, the money, the media, and the hype, watch the kids. You will not be sorry you did. I promise.

D-Rays: Ya gotta love'em. Lou was right - they will not be last. The question is how can Baltimore, with Palmiero, Tejeda, Mora, Lopez, at. al. be that bad.