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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Petulant Pete? How about Past-His-Prime-Pete?

Whiney Pedro is at it again.........you have read here in past posts what I think of his whining (Short Form: bad manners to weasel whine after taking the $17.5 million and a Fenway beer costs $6.) Threatening to leave are you? I'm terrified just pondering the prospect - of what good we can do with that available salary money in the free agent market in '05.

New Hampshire Fisher Cats? despite lousy spring weather, this new franchise is packing them in at old Gill stadium in Manchester. The bloom is not off the rose yet for this new team, easily outdrawing the average attendance for the nearby Nashua Pride. The Pride open their season soon, so it will be interesting to see if the F'Cats still are a draw once Nashua opens. The bet here: F'Cats do OK, the Pride, sadly, wither I'm afraid.

Also withering? The Norwich Navigators, now AA SF Giant affiliate, seem not to have rebounded from losing their Yankees affiliation two years ago. I attended a DH the other day - nobody there really: 1,000 or less certainly by my count. The Gator's attendance figures look to be at or near the bottom of the Easter League stats - too bad because Dodd is a great Stadium and a good place to see a ball game, and they haven't had to compete with New Haven either.

Manny Watch: The Leader the Red Sox have been looking for? Can it be? The more Manny is open to the fans and the media, the more fans seem to like and accept him. Manny is obviously just a really big kid (who makes more money than you or I ever will BTW). MannyRamirez.com is an interesting site, and shows his attitude towards the game - if it is to be believed. I believe it.